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There are lot of students who have to leave schooling because the parents can’t afford fees payment. Child education sponsorship can help these underprivileged students to acquire education. It not only acts as blessing to the child but also allows you to witness young lives getting transformed.

We are dedicating this page to sponsoring the child education ,this page will act as a bridge between seeker and the one who can afford. We will introduce the donor to the school, where the needy child is studying so that there is no intermediary in financial transaction between donor and school.

Normally in our schools fees ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 15,000 per annum, if you want to sponsor somebody, please select a student from the list below. We will direct your willingness to the school and you can sponsor the child directly by contacting the school. These schools are verified by us and requests are genuine.

List of student desirous of availing help

Sr. No Student Name class Age School name Amount request Submit for help
1 M. Thanu Sree 4th 10 Ravi Raja High School Rs. 12,000
2 Shabana 10th 15 Ravi Raja High School Rs. 15,000
3 E. Maqbul 10th 15 Ravi Raja High School Rs. 15,000
4 Sagar 7th 13 Gemini School Rs. 5,000
5 Nagasai 10th 16 Gemini School Rs. 10,000
6 Gangineni Charulatha 10th 16 Gemini School Rs. 10,000
7 Baba Baseri 10th 16 Lohias Little Angles high School Rs. 6,500
7 Baba Baseri 16 Lohias Little Angles High School Rs. 6,500
9 Shaik Salma Begum 10th 15 Gemini School Rs. 10,000
10 Nizar Ahmed 8th 17 Modern English School Rs. 20,000
11 Esakki Pandi, K LKG 3 Shalom Christ English School Rs. 14,400
12 Harshini, G UKG 4 Shalom Christ English School Rs. 16,210

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