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Indian School Finance Company Private Limited


Besides offering loans to education institutions, ISFC is also focused on building a business eco space where various stakeholders participate with a common objective to improve quality of education in schools & colleges.

We are also looking to forge partnership with those entities who are willing to offer their product and services to our customers at discount to market price, whereby all stand to gain, you get a market, education institutions source the product at a discounted price and we derive satisfaction to see happy customers.

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Our Current Partners

In recent years, the Indian government has focused on making schools more accessible so that more Indian children can participate in India’s extraordinary economic growth. Enrollment in India’s public and private schools has increased, yet the country still struggles with improving the low quality of education. It’s estimated that 53 percent of fifth graders can’t read at a second grade level. Meanwhile, 46 percent can’t solve a two-digit subtraction problem. Unfortunately, the quality education challenge in India extends beyond primary and secondary schooling. Although India is experiencing strong economic growth, there is an imminent shortage of skilled employees. In a workforce of more than 495 million, less than 10 percent possess employable skills despite informal and formal vocational training programs.

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