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ISFC Painting Competition

Now a days apart form education a fine arts education including music, theater, drawing, dance etc. is very important for overall development of student. Drawing plays a big role in student development. Drawings are external representations of student thinking. It can help student learn to write and think creatively, develop hand-eye co-ordination, hone analytic skills, and conceptualize ideas. Indian School Finance company initiate one painting Activity between Hyderabad schools for helping development of students skill. Please join us as we create one day’s activities of drawing ideas to help inspire the student imagination

Painting competition

Student can select any one below topics as per group

Group A (Std. 4TH to Std. 5th) Group B (Std. 6TH to Std. 7th) Group C (Std. 8TH to Std. 9th)
Schools Bus Making Learning Fun Draw Your Own Galaxy
Your family School environments My Dream
India Map Water life Digital India
Draw your classroom Clean India

  • The competition will be conducted strictly through schools. No individual entry will be accepted.
  • Schools which are participating, need to fill a simple online registration form with schools and participating student details.
  • Per schools three students are allowed as per categories wise.
  • Online registration will start form 17th Oct 2017.
  • The last date of submission will be 5th of Nov 2017.
  • Painting activities date is 10th of Nov 2017.
  • Group winners will be decided by judging panel.
  • Same day winner name will announced by ISFC head.
  • Next top 30 student’s certificate will be rewarded as gift with certificate.

    Below are some important details every participating school must read

  • Drawing sheet will be provide by ISFC itself.
  • Student have to carry theirs colour like crayons, oil pastels, water colour, sketch pen, poster colour etc.
  • Three teacher per schools must be in venue with participating students.
  • Parents are optional.
  • Student Painting kept by ISFC itself.
  • Lunch box will provide by ISFC.
  • Medical Facilities will be there.
Group A (Std. 4TH to Std. 5th) Group B (Std. 6TH to Std. 7th) Group C (Std. 8TH to Std. 9th)
WinnerReward WinnerReward WinnerReward
1st runner-up Rs.3000 1st runner-up Rs.5000 1st runner-up Rs.10000
1st runner-up Rs.2000 1st runner-up Rs.3000 1st runner-up Rs.5000
1st runner-up Rs.1000 1st runner-up Rs.2000 1st runner-up Rs.3000

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